Fire safety warning

In September 2023, a series of three fires broke out in Phu My Hung City Center, primarily due to human negligence. Fortunately, the on-site firefighting team and specialized forces promptly and effectively managed the incidents.

The initial incident took place in an apartment within the Happy Valley Complex. The cause of the incident was attributed to the homeowner forgetting to turn off the stove while cooking and subsequently moving into the bedroom. Fortunately, the Safe One fire warning system immediately detected the signal. Upon receiving the alert, the security personnel from Phu My Hung and the building security team swiftly responded. They promptly arrived at the scene, turned off the gas stove, and managed the smoke to prevent further escalation.

The second incident took place in the Sky Garden Complex, where a tenant inadvertently left the stove on while cooking and departed the premises. Upon the discovery of the incident, the Building Management Board collaborated with the Phu My Hung Fire Prevention Force and the Tan Phong Ward Police. Together, they swiftly took action by forcibly entering the premises, enabling them to promptly extinguish the fire.   

The third fire incident was triggered by an explosion in a sauna heater located at a fitness and yoga center on Bui Bang Doan Street. In response, the Phu My Hung security team promptly activated on-site fire protection personnel and communicated with specialized firefighting units for assistance. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the District 7 Fire Fighting Police, Tan Phong Ward Police, and the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone Fire Fighting Team, the fire was successfully extinguished, and thankfully, there were no casualties. In light of the aforementioned incidents, Phu My Hung Security Team reiterates its appeal to residents residing in the city center to embrace the principles of fire prevention and firefighting. It is crucial, particularly when cooking, that everyone exercises utmost caution to actively contribute to upholding fire safety within their living community. Your vigilance and responsible actions play a pivotal role in maintaining a secure living environment.

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